Fridays Dialogue

Alberto Stefano was infected with electronic music back in 1994 and it was quite fast very clear, that he is incurable. Weekend by weekend he was infected again, due to the very close relationship to his friend DJ-Massimo – Father and owner of “Definition of Techno”. He’s also taking the full responsibility on his activities in his Label and Events which are well known under 14th Breath, Definition of Techno or DOT-Family.

The natural history of this disease results on a lot of gigs with him together and many more people like Joseph Capriati, Tommy for Seven, Brian Sanhaji, Rebekah, Monoloc, Emerson. All experts gave him the advice to dive deeper into studio producing, which will be found under “FRIDAYS DIALOGUE”. With his congenial partner Bjoern Andersen we can expect regularly good sounds for all other infected dancing people in the world.

© Thomas Wangorsch