Oliver Moldan

Oliver Moldan the resident of the legandary tribehouse in Germany is best known as one of Germany’s top Djs and producers who travels all over the world showcasing his Djing skills and top notch productions. For quite some years now, oliver moldan, our man from the rhine river, has been behind the turntables of the leading clubs not only in germany but worldwide. In germany, he's steadily worked his way to becoming one of the top djs in the tech and progressive house scene, for shure one good reason why oliver is resedent dj at the legandary tribehouse club in germany. His international residency is the exit club in lithuania. From dave seaman to deep dish, nick warren or Tiesto, oliver is the man who supports the higher level artists from all over the world in germany. His inspirational mixing skills and eclectic record choice contributed to his individual, trailblazing style. Oliver's won huge international acclaim from the mix compilations that he's done for the english music magazine m8, as well as for tribehouse, the number one club in germany, not to mention his global groove double cd. All of these were mixed live with no technical assistance. Meanwhile, oliver continues to tour from london to miami, from bogota to zürich, vienna, athens, los angeles - there's hardly a metropolis that doesn't feature in oliver's diary. Gigs at special events such as the vlovefield festival, paul oakenfold`s perfecto party at theopium garden in miami,the bbc radio 1 party at ibiza's space club and the ultrafest in miami reflect oliver's rating in the international tech house and Progressive scene. As a producer and remixer, oliver has remixed top acts from the club, dance and pop scenes over recent years. From underground icons such as slam, scanners, pete lazonby, jimmy van m or phil k. To top acts such as yello, nalin & kane, fragma & deelite, oliver's interpretation of these tracks has created a mix with a stirring groove and distinctive sounds that go to make up the ineffable, unique moldan attitude. It's not only the remixes that have contributed to oliver's success but also his own productions which have got him noticed. Singles such as "beauty in l.a"., 'elephant girl', or 'cowboy song' have reinforced his worldwide status. For the past few years, oliver has been mainly producing with the top labels, names such as therapy u.k., hope uk, kosmo, superfly, bliss usa & bedrock - all key players in the founding and development of the national and international scene. Oliver`s sideproject prawler is in the cases of „everybody“ for the last years. Tracks like disco, deep sense or the bedrock release "frisco" make shure oliver is a v.i.p. member of "deep,dark and dirty" club.

© Thomas Wangorsch